Current and Past Chairman of Haemodialysis Association Klang

Dealing with health issues can be a difficult situation. You shouldn’t has to go it alone. The Haemodialysis Association Klang team of certified, highly skilled, and experienced care providers always has our patients’ best interests and wellbeing at heart.

PP K. Krishnan MA (USA)

President RC Klang 1996 – 1997
(Class: Edu)
1996 – 2009

PP Datuk Dr. A. Puraviappan SIS PJN MBBS (Madras) FRCS (Edin) FRCOG (London) FAMM FIAM PHF

President RC Klang 1980 – 1981
(Class: Medic)
2010 – 2011

PP Sim Eng Pow PHSM

President RC Klang 1985 – 1986
(Class: Insurance)
2012 – 2013

PP Dato' Anthony Reynolds Peter DSIS. AMN. PJK. PHF.

President RC Klang 1988 – 1989
(Class: Edu)
2014 – 2016

PP Dr. Shaari Bala Bin Abdullah PHF

President RC Klang 2003 – 2004
(Class: Medic)
2016 – 2017

PP CAPT K. Gunasekaran PHF

(Class: Shipping)
2018 – 2019

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